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Note: I have not updated my portfolio since April 2022. Examples seen here are not indicative of my current abilities.


Core Counseling's website
Core Counseling

I released the first version of this website back in August of 2019. It has evolved beautifully over the years, but the overall structure has stayed consistent. The owner of the business currently has too many clients to handle. A good problem to have, if you ask me.

Pearl Grille's website
Pearl Grille

I built this project for fun, just for use in my portfolio. Crafting the images section was probably the most enjoyable part. Creating the content for the restaurant's menu was less painful than I'd imagined. When designing this site, I went for a classy, yet approachable feel.

Prevail Psychiatry's website
Prevail Psychiatry

At the time of creation, I was most excited about the contact forms. I initially designed this website in July of 2021. I thought that perhaps I'd niche down into providing web solutions for mental health professionals, but I never got the chance. I landed a wonderful client the next month and became very busy.